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Taking the train to the airport

The train is a relaxed and comfortable way to get to the airport, and it saves money for parking as well.

Get to and from Schiphol Airport train station quickly

There are direct trains to and from Schiphol from many stations, and most others require changing trains only once. The train arrives underneath the airport. There is space for your luggage between the seats and under the seat bottoms to prevent your luggage from inconveniencing other passengers and to ensure that the space between carriages remains accessible. If your carriage is full, there is usually more space at the front and back of the train. Luggage carts are available for your convenience at Schiphol station. The departures area is just a few minutes' walk from the station platform.

Arrive at Schiphol even more quickly with Intercity direct

Travellers from Amsterdam Centraal, Rotterdam Centraal and Breda can use the Intercity direct service. If your trip includes the route between Rotterdam Centraal and Schiphol Airport, then you must pay a supplement in addition to your NS ticket. No supplement is necessary on the stretch between Amsterdam Centraal and Schiphol Airport and between Rotterdam Centraal and Breda.

Get to and from Eindhoven Airport quickly and easily

Thanks to the shuttle bus service, you can get from Eindhoven Centraal station to Eindhoven Airport and vice versa in less than 20 minutes. To ride the shuttle bus, you must have a round-trip ticket to and from Eindhoven Airport. To pay for your trip, simply check in and out using your OV-chipkaart, e-ticket or single-use chipkaart.

Maintenance along the route

The railway to and from Schiphol needs regular maintenance like any other locations in the country. If you would like to know if any engineering work is scheduled that may have an influence on your journey, please visit the NS Travel Planner.