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Facilities in the train

Intercity and Sprinter trains offer many facilities for travelers, such as WiFi, toilets and special quiet and work zones.

Facilities in the train


NS has 2 different types of trains: Sprinter and Intercity. The Sprinter is ideal for shorter journeys and stops at every station along the route. It has many wide doors to facilitate quick boarding and unboarding. The facilities in these trains are geared towards short travel times.


The Intercity is intended for medium- and long-distance routes and only stops at the major stations along the route. It is a comfortable train, with facilities geared towards longer journeys, so that you can travel in comfort. All of our Intercity trains have toilets on board and are equipped with quiet zones.

Standard facilities and services in all trains

  • 1st and 2nd class seating is indicated by the class number on the interior and exterior of the train.
  • Space for storing your bicycle (except in the Intercity direct)
  • Facilities for travelers with a functional disability
  • Travel information over the intercom

Service personnel travel along in every train. All trains are equipped with a work of art. Customers have indicated that they greatly appreciate the art in the trains, because it contributes to a pleasant, inspiring travel experience.

Free WiFi in the train

We have joined together with our partners to offer free wireless Internet in the train. Wireless Internet is available in almost every Intercity. Intercity trains equipped with wireless Internet can be identified by the WiFi logo on the outside of the train.

How does WiFi work in the train?

If you are traveling in a train equipped with wireless Internet, select 'Connections' on your laptop or smartphone. Then select 'WiFi in the train' and you will be connected within a few seconds.

Toilets in the train

Intercity trains

All Intercity trains are equipped with toilets. Signs are provided on the walls to indicate the locations of the toilets. Longer trains will have several toilets available. The toilets are cleaned and inspected regularly, but if you find one that is not clean or defective, please inform one of our employees at the station or via NS Customer Service.

No toilets in the Sprinter

At the moment, Sprinters are not standard equipped with a toilet. All new Sprinters on order will have toilets, however. The Sprinters travel along routes where the travelers take shorter trips, generally an average of 17 minutes. If you are traveling in a Sprinter without a toilet, you can use the toilets at the stations.


In the Reisplanner Xtra app (Android version) , you can easily see if your trip will be in an Intercity or Sprinter, and if there is a toilet available at your station. The NS is currently working on providing this function in the OS Reisplanner Xtra app as well.

Meet & greet, quiet, work and rest zones

Quiet zones are located in the upper level of the double-decker Intercity trains spread along the length of the train. In single-level Intercity trains, the quiet zones are scattered along the length of the train. Sprinters do not have quiet zones. There are several types of Intercity trains. The older ones have one or more quiet zones, while the newer models are divided into quiet zones, work zones and rest zones, as well as meet & greet zones. In Facilities and symbols, you can see which of the various zones are available in each type of Intercity train.

Quiet zone

This symbol indicates where the quiet zones are located. The quiet zone is intended to be truly quiet, so the seats are located in rows and not across from one another. This symbol is visible on the interior walls of every Intercity train. NS has posted house rules near the entrances to the train, so that travelers can see that they are sitting in a quiet zone.

Work and rest zones

This zone is intended for relaxed travel. Here, the traveler can read, work, sleep or talk softly. The seats are therefore positioned behind one another, rather than across from one another. Part of the work and rest zone is also a quiet zone. You can find this symbol on the interior doors that provide access to the compartment, as well as on the train windows.

Meet & greet zone

This zone is intended for meeting other people. It has an open atmosphere, and the seats are situated across from one another. There are also lounge seats where groups can sit together. In this section, the traveler can freely talk to others, make telephone calls and meet other people. You can find these symbols on the interior doors that provide access to the compartment, as well as on the train windows.