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How does P+R work?

Parking is free at most P+R parking facilities. At the 52 paid parking facilities operated in collaboration with Q-park, you can easily enter and exit the facility with license plate recognition technology. If you have an NS Flex season ticket, then you can pay for parking via your monthly invoice.

Check for available parking spots

If you are parking your car at a paid P+R location, then you can check in advance how many parking spaces are available at the location via the NS app. Simple!

If you've travelled by train that day, then you can park for the daily rate special traveller's discount. Scan your OV-chipkaart or e-ticket first to receive the train traveller discount. You will not receive a discount if you paid for your train journey with a debit card.

Entering a P+R facility

  1. Drive up to the gate. Your license plate will be scanned.
  2. The gate will open and you can park your car.

Exiting the P+R

  1. Drive up to the gate. Your licence plate will be scanned and the amount will appear on the display.
  2. Hold your OV-chipkaart against the card reader to receive the daily rate special traveller's discount*. The discount will be calculated automatically.
  3. Then pay with your debit card, credit card, mobility card or OV-chipkaart with your NS Flex season ticket (use the scanner with the NS Flex logo). 
  4. The gate will open, and you can drive away. You can also choose to print a receipt .

* The daily rate special traveller's discount applies if you would be charged the regular daily rate and you have checked in and out at the station on the day you exit the parking facility. The traveller's discount does not apply to international travel.

How does parking work at a P+R facility?

Parking with a discount

If you travel by train using an OV-chipkaart or e-ticket,  then you can park your car with a discount, or even for free at paid P+R facilities. The daily rate special traveller's discount depends on the location, but never exceeds € 9 per day.

This daily rate special traveller's discount applies in combination with a train journey on the same day, using the same OV-chipkaart you used to check in and out. The rate applies to all public transport companies, not only journeys with NS. When you exit the parking facility, scan your OV-chipkaart or e-ticket first. The machine will automatically calculate your discount. If you are parking for more than one day, then you will still receive the discount, but only if you exit the P+R facility on the same day of your return journey by train. 

Good to know:

  • You can also scan your e-ticket for a traveller's discount at all paid P+Rs with licence plate recognition.
  • You must have used the e-ticket to check out at the station, so the P+R machine can recognise your train journey and calculate the discount. 
  • The traveller's discount only applies if you would be charged the normal daily rate.
  • You do not get a discount with international train trips.
  • Paid P+R parking facilities that are not equipped with license plate recognition technology are not managed by NS. So you cannot use the daily rate special traveller's discount at these facilities.

NS Flex season ticket and paying for P+R

If you have an NS Flex season ticket, then you can pay for parking at a P+R facility via your monthly invoice. The costs will be displayed on your Flex invoice in Mijn NS. They will be deducted from your bank account every month via direct debit, along with your travel costs for train travel or other mode of transport.

Do you have an NS Business Card?
Then see how to park your car with an NS Business Card.

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