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We believe that all travelers should be able to take their luggage with them on the train. But that is only possible by making a number of agreements about size and quantity.

Bicycles, wheelchairs, prams and sports equipment are welcome on the train, but please read the house rules first. This way you avoid disappointments.

What are the rules?

  • Your hand luggage may not exceed (height, width or depth) 85 centimetres.
  • Keep an eye on your luggage: it is your own responsibility.
  • Ensure that your luggage doesn't obstruct the aisle and other travelers and doesn't take up a seat if a fellow traveler claims it

The answer to your question...

Rent luggage locker

Luggage lockers are available at or around the station for your convenience.

Travelling by train & bike

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Lost and found items

Have you lost or forgotten something on the train or at the station? How annoying! If you report it to us online immediately, we'll keep our eyes open to see whether it's found.