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Door to door

Traveling from door to door

The train is a comfortable way to travel from station to station, but your final destination is often located some distance from the station. NS has thought of that as well. For example, you can rent an OV-fiets, store your own bicycle safely in an NS bicycle storage facility, take the bus, tram or metro or hop into an NS-Zonetaxi. Or if you would prefer to drive yourself, you can park your car at a Q-Park P+R or rent a Greenwheels car. As a business traveler, you can also work or hold a meeting at a Regus office near the station, so you do not have far to go for your next appointment. In short, you can choose the convenience that best suits your needs.

Door-to-door services for private use

NS Zonetaxi

You can travel quickly and easily to and from more than 370 stations using the NS Zonetaxi.

Park + Ride

Minimum 30% discount if you check in and out with NS.

Travel by bus, tram and metro

Discount on the bus, tram and metro with an OV Voordeel season ticket.

Renting a Greenwheels car

Join Greenwheels for fast and easy car rental

Door-to-door services for business use

Bus, tram and metro

All public transport charged to your account directly

Greenwheels car

Travel further with this shared car.


For the last leg of your journey.


Affordable parking in Q-Park P+R car parks.


A comfortable trip to your final destination