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Travel information on your own website

Would you like to offer travel information on your own website? Install NS Journey Planner as a widget on your company or organisation website.

What is the Journey Planner widget?

A widget is a small Internet application that you can easily install on your own Internet page. The Journey Planner widget allows you to display the Journey Planner and any delay messages on your organisation or company website, such as on your directions or contact page. That way, you can provide visitors to your site with up-to-the-minute travel information. The widget can also be used for tablets or smartphones.

Install the Journey Planner widget on your website

  1. Go to Journey Planner Widget (Reisplanner Widget)
  2. Adjust the widget to size using the tabs 'Style' ('Stijl') and 'Composition’ ('Samenstelling')
  3. Click on the button 'View the code’ ('Bekijk de code')
  4. Copy the code generated
  5. Post the code to your website

Adjusting the style of the Journey Planner widget

In addition to the standard layout, you can adjust certain elements of the widget to suit your own preferences. When you customise the widget, you can see the changes immediately. There are two tabs that you can use to customise the widget: Composition and Style. You can enter several changes using the Composition tab:

  • The title of the Journey Planner at the top of the widget
  • Whether or not you would like to display delay messages
  • The destination to use for the planner, in the form of a station, post code or address.

Once you have set the destination for the site, visitors to your site cannot change it. The visitor must enter the departure station on their own.

Using the Style tab, you can adjust the colours, text size and the width of the widget. The widget height is adjusted automatically.

NS Journey Planner widget license agreement

NS widgets are applications that you can post to your website so that  visitors can view the content of the NS websites on your site. This includes content by NS Group N.V. or any of its subsidiaries. This license agreement places conditions on any use of the NS widgets.


  • The NS retains all copyrights on the content, the appearance, the design and the programming of the NS widget. NS hereby grants non-exclusive, non-transferrable personal and conditional rights to post the NS widget to your website for your own non-commercial use.
  • NS does not assent to the use of the widget for purposes other than those mentioned above. You may not use the widget for other purposes or in a manner that can be detrimental to the interests of NS or its products and services.
  • NS retains the right to withhold the use of the NS widget and to terminate this license agreement at its own discretion.
  • The NS widget is available for use at no charge. NS may not be held liable for any damages occurring through the use of this widget or as a result of changes, incorrect or incomplete information provided, or by technical malfunctions.

NS does not guarantee that the NS widget will remain available in the future. The widget may be changed as necessary to improve the product. The user retains full responsibility for ensuring the proper functioning of the widget.