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Developing applications using NS data

NS owns data such as train schedules, maintenance work and station information. Developers can use these data with an NS API.

Developing applications using NS data

We feel it is important that we share our information with as many people as possible via as many platforms as possible using an NS API. That way, other innovative travel information applications can be developed using our data.

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API makes it possible to exchange data with  developers online so that they can use it to create an application. The NS API provides access to certain data so that an application can utilise it.

Surprising applications

Many different applications have already been developed using NS API. One excellent and innovative example is the Android application NS Speak. NS Speak verbalises the current departure times for the station and platform over the telephone. A handy application for people with a visual disability.

Other applications

Other examples of applications developed using the NS API include:

Station HD iPhone app
Treinplanner Windows 7 phone app
Treinplanner Windows 8 phone app
Spoorboekje Windows 7 phone app
OV Plaza Website
Rijden de Treinen Android app
SnelTrein Android app
Trein Windows 8 phone app
Treintijden Windows Phone app