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European rail passengers' rights regulation

You can find information here about the European Regulation on rail passengers' rights and obligations (Regulation (EU) 2021/782). It describes the rights and obligations of rail passengers. This regulation is also known by the abbreviation PRR (Passenger Rail Regulation).

This revised regulation takes effect starting on 7 June 2023, and replaces the European Regulation that has been in effect since 2009. The Regulation has a few implications for you as a rail passenger in the Netherlands. We would like to inform you about these.

The regulation includes requirements that carriers must satisfy. In practice, this means that a carrier, among other things, must:

  • properly inform you about a number of matters relating to travel information specified in appendix II of the guideline prior to and during your trip;
  • offer, in the event of delays, a refund or compensation and/or free meals, overnight accommodation or alternative transport where applicable. The refund or reimbursement must be proportional to the extent of the delay;
  • ensure accessibility and assistance for disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility where possible;
  • inform you about the complaints handling process and the office to which you may submit your complaint, as specified in the guideline.

In addition to these rights, passengers also have a number of obligations, which are also included in the guideline. Read the summary of the Regulation here.

This Regulation applies to all train passenger carriers and to all Station Management companies (ProRail and NS Stations).

Comprehensive information about the assistance and compensation that NS provides in the event of a disruption or delay can be found at

If you have a complaint,

always contact the relevant carrier. If you believe that a carrier is not operating in accordance with the Regulation when handling your complaint, you can submit a complaint about this to the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport, ILT). You can find the complaint form on the ILT website or obtain one by calling +31 (0)88 489 0000. In addition to the ILT, you can also contact the Public Transport Complaints Board (Geschillencommissie Openbaar Vervoer). You can find more information on the Geschillencommissie website.