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Sales and travel information at the station

When at the station, you will find sales and travel information at NS ticket machines, the NS Tickets & Service shop or the OV Service & Tickets shop. If you just want information, you can also go to the OV Information desk and the NS Service and alarm pole.

NS Ticket Machine

Using an NS Ticket Machine, you can easily top up your OV-chipkaart or load a product onto it. In addition, you can purchase single-use chip cards (paper tickets with a chip) or an anonymous OV-chipkaart. These are only for sale from NS Ticket Machines with a blue sign above them, marked with the NS logo.

The ticket machines provide you with step-by-step instructions. You can pay with a debit or credit card (V PAY, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa and American Express) at all NS Ticket Machines. Credit card payments require the entry of a pin code. Some machines also allow you to pay using coins.

What can you get from an NS Ticket Machine?

  • Balance for your OV-chipkaart
  • Products for your OV-chipkaart (among other things, Combined Travel Discount and Class Swap)
  • Single use chip cards with € 1 supplement: Single, return and day tickets)
  • Single use chip cards with no supplement: Railrunner, Day ticket for one dog and Fietskaart Dal
  • Intercity direct and ICE supplement single and day return
  • Intercity direct Monthly supplement (exclusively for loading onto your OV-chipkaart)
  • Train tickets to Belgium, western Germany and Luxembourg. Check the NS International website for more information about international train tickets.

Help with the NS Ticket Machine

Are you having trouble with an NS Ticket Machine and are you unable to find an NS employee? Then our Customer Service department would be happy to provide you with further assistance. Our free telephone number (0800-0540) and the machine's number can be found in the top right hand corner of the machine (also in Braille and embossing). Through remote assistance, we can see what you see and provide you with direct help. For example, with topping up your OV-chipkaart or buying a ticket. You can follow the directions provided by our employee over the phone or you can let them control the machine for you, while you watch. Our employees are ready to help you at any time.

OV-chipkaart collection points

There are many locations in the Netherlands where you can arrange your OV-chipkaart affairs, such as topping up your balance, buying an anonymous OV-chipkaart, downloading an order from the webshop or activating NS travel on account. You can conduct all of these transactions at the NS Ticket Machine, but also at supermarkets or tobacco shops in your neighbourhood. See the address finder to locate all of the collection points near you.

NS Tickets & Service shop and OV Service & Tickets shop

Many stations have an NS Tickets & Service shop or an OV Service & Tickets shop. Handy if you want some personal assistance. You can go there with questions about your door-to-door journey. You can also purchase a season ticket or a single use chip card. When buying a single use chip card from the cashier or the NS Ticket Machine, you will be charged a € 1 supplement in addition to the price that you would pay to travel with an OV-chipkaart. At larger stations our service staff are also present in the station building and on the platforms.

NS Service and Alarm Pole

At stations that are fitted with ticket gates, you will find an NS Service and Alarm Pole next to the gates. At stations with no gates and no service staff either, the NS Service and Alarm Pole is located on the platform. You can use the pole to contact an NS employee directly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The NS Service and Alarm Pole has two buttons: the blue service button and the red alarm button (SOS). The blue service button

The blue service button is intended for:

  • requesting travel information
  • information about season tickets and other tickets
  • information about the facilities at the station
  • reporting defects and damage
  • reporting lost or found items
  • questions about getting through the gates

The red alarm button (SOS)

The red alarm button (SOS) is intended exclusively for emergency situations. When you press this button, you will immediately be connected to our security operator. You can use it to report unsafe situations or accidents. Emergency calls will be dealt with in cooperation with the police or other emergency services.

Operating the NS Service and Alarm Pole with a functional disability

The pole has special facilities for people with a functional disability. The 2 buttons can be distinguished with Braille markings, and the microphone can be reached by someone in a wheelchair.