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Variants of the OV-chipkaart and NS-Business Card

The OV-chipkaart is a pass you can use to travel on all public transportation in the Netherlands. Remember to top up your card first before you travel.

How does the OV-chipkaart work?

When you top up the balance on your card, you can travel on any bus, tram train or metro in the Netherlands. You must have a minimum balance of € 20 to travel with NS. 

NS-Business Card

If you travel using an NS-Business Card, you don't need to top up the balance on your card, as you will be billed at the end of the month. You do need to check in and out, however.

Personal or anonymous OV-chipkaart and single-use chipkaart

You can choose a personal or anonymous OV-chipkaart. An OV-chipkaart costs € 7.50, but when you purchase an NS annual season ticket, you receive the personal card for free. Occasional travellers can also choose to purchase a single-use chipkaart, which is a paper ticket that contains an electronic chip.

Characteristics of the personal OV-chipkaart

  • Issued to a specific person.
  • Balance is blocked within 24 hours of reporting theft or loss of the card.
  • Remaining balance refunded upon theft or loss of the card.
  • Automatic top-up available.
  • View your NS travel records via Mijn NS.
  • Suitable for all NS and other public transport season tickets.
  • Receive the card within 7 work days after applying.
  • One-time cost of € 7,50 (free with an NS annual season ticket).

Characteristics of the anonymous OV-chipkaart

  • Not issued to a specific person.
  • Cannot be blocked after theft or loss.
  • View your NS travel records via Mijn NS.
  • Available at NS Ticket Machines with OV-chipkaart logo or other sales locations.
  • One-time cost of € 7.50.

Characteristics of the single-use chipkaart

  • Paper ticket that contains an electronic chip.
  • Available at NS Ticket Machines and OV Service & Tickets Shops.
  • Valid on all rail carriers
  • No need to top up your balance; simply check in and out.
  • For most products you pay the full rate + a supplement of € 1 per single-use chipkaart.  
  • No supplement required for the Railrunner, Bicycle day ticket, day ticket for one dog, ICE supplement one-way, Euregioticket, Intercity direct supplements and for tickets (with or without discount) to Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Lille (France).
  • Only valid for the date of purchase, unless you are travelling to Germany or Belgium.

Checking in and out

If you would like to travel using an OV-chipkaart, you must check in and out for each transport company at the gate or pole at the platform, or at the card reader at the entrance and exit to the bus, tram or metro.