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Travel Planner Wear app

The Travel Planner Wear app is a must-have for your smartwatch. It allows you to quickly and easily plan journeys to and from your favourite locations. But it also keeps you informed of the progress of your journey and any changes that occur along the way. Only available for apple watches.

Smartwatch and NS

The introduction of the smartwatch offers another way for NS to better serve you. We have therefore launched the preliminary version of the Travel Planner Wear app. We are very interested in your experiences using the app, and would therefore appreciate your comments. Below you can learn how to use the Wear app.

  • Select destination: when using the app on your telephone, you can set your home- or work address. But when you start the app on the watch it will detect your current location. If you are at home, it will display the next connection to your work, and vice-versa. If you are somewhere else, then the app will let you choose between your home or your work as the destination.
  • First possible connection: the smartwatch will show you the first possible connection to your destination. If this journey is not feasible for any reason, simply select the next connection.
  • Travel assistance: if you decide to take the connection shown, simply click on it and the app will display the departure, transfer and destination stations.
  • Checkout reminder: once you arrive at your destination, the smartwatch will begin to vibrate and display a message reminding you to check out.
  • Personalisation: you can personalise the app by uploading a photo for your home and work locations to give your travel options and other screens in the Travel Planner Wear app a more personal touch.