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If your train is delayed, or if you just want to know where you need to transfer, then it can be convenient to receive updates about your journey. Then you always know what you need to do. Activate notifications to get more out of your journey with the NS app.

How to activate notifications

Plan your journey in the NS app. Select your journey and click at the top of the screen on the Notifications. Enter your preferences for receiving push notifications for:

  • Changes in my trip (cancellation, delay or departure from another track).
  • Departure, transfer and arrival.
  • Less chance of getting a seat.

Save your preferences, and we'll send you a push notification if anything changes. 

Alternate travel recommendations
If your train has been cancelled, is delayed, or if you may have a problem finding a seat, then we will immediately send you a notification with an alternate travel recommendation. The same applies to your transfer.

Give us feedback

We're testing the new way to share information in the NS app. Can you help by sharing your experiences with us? Giving feedback is just a click away in the NS app.

The NS app can do more than you think

The NS app doesn't just send you notifications; it also helps you plan your entire journey. Other features include:

  • Save your favourite journeys
  • Download your e-ticket to the app
  • Find an OV-fiets, shared scooter or P+R facility near you

FAQs about notifications

  • Can I also turn on notifications for international travel?

    No, you can't. Turning on notifications only works for domestic NS trains.

  • Can I also turn on notifications through the website?

    No, you can't. Because you receive notifications on your phone, you can only turn on notifications through the NS app.