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Easy online ticket purchase

If you travel on the train from time to time, you can purchase a ticket from the NS ticket machine or the NS service counter. However, purchasing a ticket online is easier, quicker and cheaper! You can then load your train ticket onto your telephone in the NS app as a mobile ticket, or print it out as an e-ticket.

The advantages of online ticket purchasing

  • No € 1 surcharge on your train ticket
  • No queues at the counter or ticket machine
  • You can travel immediately!

Purchasing an e-ticket is very simple. You fill in the journey and the name of the traveller, and pay for your order using iDEAL or your creditcard (MasterCard, Visa and American Express). You can then print out the e-ticket.

Mobile ticket

A number of e-tickets are available as mobile tickets, for use on your telephone. After completing your order, you can choose to load your e-ticket into the NS app. This app is available for smartphones with Android 4.0 or Apple iOS 8 or newer. 

The rules in brief

  • The e-ticket and mobile ticket are personal. They are therefore only valid in combination with  valid identification. Therefore, don't forget to take your passport or ID card with you when you travel.

Travelling with your e-ticket or mobile ticket

When travelling with an e-ticket or mobile ticket, you can open the gate using the square barcode on the e-ticket or mobile ticket. Not all gates can be opened with an e-ticket or mobile ticket, only those gates with a barcode reader. These are recognisable by the image with ‘scan ticket’ on the right-hand door of the gate, and by the illuminated area on the right-hand side of the gate.

Steps: how to open a gate

Step 1: Go to a gate displaying the 'scan ticket' symbol.
Step 2: Hold the barcode against the illuminated area to your right.
Step 3: The gate opens allowing you to enter or leave the station.