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Bus, tram, metro

Also plan your journey by bus, streetcar and metro with the NS app. Check the stops and travel options and use your OV-chipkaart or debit card to check in and out.


City and regional transport throughout the Netherlands. Fast, affordable and with good connections


The preferred means of transport in large cities. Get on and off easily, good connections, an easy way of getting around the city


Faster than the bus and tram, available in Amsterdam and Rotterdam

Travelling with your OV-chipkaart or debit card

Travelling with an OV-chipkaart

If you have an OV-chipkaart, you can easily travel by bus,t ram and metro. Top up your card before travelling or take out an NS Flex season ticket on your OV-chipkaart.

Pay with your debit card.

Don't have a season ticket yet but want to hit the road right away? Check in with your debit card or mobile phone. You won't be able to travel with a discount this way. 

Plan every journey in the NS app

With the NS app you arrange your entire journey with the transport you want to use. Plan your trip and select which means of transport you want to use in the Travel Planner under Travel options. And whether you want to do the first leg on foot, by bike, by car or by shared transport.

Then we will give you travel advice that suits you. 

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