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NS will pay a moral gesture to victims of World War II transportation individually

Jews, Roma and Sinti who, during the Second World War on the occupiers instruction, were transported by NS by train to Westerbork, Vught or Amersfoort or to other locations in the Netherlands - with the purpose transporting them to concentration or extermination camps with the aim of exterminating them as a population group - are eligible for an individual moral gesture. Upon their death, this also applies to next of kin.


By doing so, NS adheres to the advice of the Committee Individual Gesture Victims Second World War Transportation NS. It is estimated that several thousand people are eligible for the, including an estimated 500 survivors. To this end, NS will set aside several tens of millions of euros over the coming years. The committee presented its advice on Wednesday.

After discussions with Mr Salo Muller, NS decided to look into the wish for individual gestures on moral grounds. For this purpose, the Committee Individual Gesture Victims Second World War under the leadership of Job Cohen was established on 27 November 2018.

Historical research

The Committee also advises NS to conduct a historical research into its role in transportation during the Second World War. Since the war research has been conducted frequently and publications have been published about the actions of NS during the war. For example, another publication on the role of NS in the Second World War will appear in September. For this publication, the researchers gained full access to NS’ archives. NS proposes to subsequently consider to what extent additional research would yield new insights.

Commemorating collectively

NS has honoured the collective remembrance, and learnings from the toll of the suffering experienced in the Second World War, in collaboration with support groups of war victims. The Committee advises NS to consider whether and in what way there can be a collective expression of recognition for the large group of transported persons whose relatives can no longer ask for a moral gesture. NS regards this advice as encouragement to continue to pursue this policy and to strengthen it.

Black page in history

During the Second World War, NS was commissioned by the German occupier to run specially-laid-on trains to transport people to concentration and extermination camps as their final destination. NS marks its role in these deportations as a black page in the history of the company and apologized for this in 2005 through the then CEO Aad Veenman.

Questions about the advice or application?

The committee will first publish the benefit scheme and application procedure. The envisioned publication date is August 1 2019. All information that is required for a possible application will then be available on the website of the committee.

Please check the committee's website for an overview of frequently asked questions and their answers. Is your question not listed? Please contact us at +31 (0)88 - 7926250. Available Monday - Friday between 10 a.m. and 12 noon.