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Forget to check in or out

We all forget to check in or out every now and again. No need to worry, we explain to you what you can best do in these situations.

Forgotten to check in

Are you standing on the platform or on the train and have you forgotten to check in? Of course that can happen. Check in at the station as soon as you discover this or buy a ticket for your journey online. This way you avoid a fine. You must always have a valid ticket.

Forgotten to check out

Forgot to check out? You have 6 hours to check out at an NS pole or gate after checking in. Make sure to scan your OV-chipkaart oon the checkout side. If you cannot check out on time, we will charge you a correction fee or the boarding fee.

Requesting a refund for the correction fee or boarding fee

If you paid less than the correction fee or boarding fee for your trip, you can request a refund for the difference 24 hours after checking in by going to Mijn NS or

Please note: if you have an NS Flex season ticket, you can only request refunds for trips with other carriers on Uitcheckgemist.

  • Requesting refunds via Mijn NS

    After you submit your request in Mijn NS, we will deduct the difference between the correction fee (for NS Flex season tickets) and your fare from your next invoice, or we will deposit the difference between your boarding fee (for on-balance season tickets) and your fare into your bank account within 2 weeks.

    • You can request a refund up to 3 times per calendar year
    • Please submit your refund request within 6 months
  • Requesting a refund on Uitcheckgemist

    Following your request you will receive an e-mail stating when you will receive your refund. If you travel with NS, you will no longer need to stop at a pick-up device - your saldo will be on your card immediately upon checking in! You can also pick up your order from an NS ticket machine - simply choose the ‘Ophalen bestelling’ ('Pick up order') option on the screen.  

    • You may request a refund up to three times per calendar year
    • Submit your refund request within six months after the travel date

Forgotten to check out with your debit card

Are you traveling with your debit card and forgot to check out? From 6 days after the correction fee has been debited from your account, you can adjust the missed check-out. You can do this as follows:

  1. Go to your travel overview on
  2. Look up your trip with your NLOV reference number and the amount debited.
  3. Fill in the missing end station.

After a maximum of 7 days the excess amount will be refunded to your account.

Set a checkout alert

Need a checkout reminder? You can set up a reminder in the NS app.

Forgetting to check out with a different carrier

Forgot to check out with a different carrier? Head to Uitcheckgemist to let them know at which station you were planning to check out. After your request, the other carrier will refund the difference between the correction fee and your fare.

Is this the 4th time you forgot to check out this calendar year? Please contact the carrier in question.

Please note: the carrier will not always know what you were charged (fare, correction fee). Make sure to check the amounts in Mijn NS first.