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Forgetting to check in or out and requesting refunds

Have you forgotten to check in or out? Then you can still do so within 6 hours of your journey using an NS pole or gate. If you are unable to do so within this time period, then you can submit a request for a refund from 24 hours after your journey. You can do this using your Mijn NS account. You can also submit a request without an account. Submit your request within 6 months.

Are you travelling with NS Flex? In some cases, NS Flex works a bit differently than what you may be accustomed to

What to do if you forget to check IN

If you realise that you have forgotten to check in with your OV-chipkaart after walking past the gates, try to go back and do so before you enter the train. Otherwise the conductor may issue a fine because you do not have a valid ticket. Make sure that you check in at an NS pole, or at the check-in side of the gate. If you're already on the train, you can report to the conductor.

What to do if you forget to check OUT

If you have forgotten to check out after your train journey, you can still check out at an NS pole or gate for up to 6 hours after you check in. Make sure you do this on the check out side of the gate.

Check out alert service from NS Extra

Registered with NS extra for free? Then you will automatically receive an email with which you can quickly and easily correct your forgotten check out!

Forgotten to check out with another carrier?

If you've forgotten to check out with a carrier other than NS, you can correct your check-out via If you forget to check out with another carrier more than three times in six months, you will need to inquire with the carrier concerned yourself. 

Requesting a refund

When you check in, you are automatically charged the so-called boarding fee. The amount of this fee depends on the season ticket you use to travel with. This amount may be higher than what you would have paid if you had remembered to check out. In that case, you can request a refund for the difference from 24 hours after the journey in question. You can do this via Mijn NS or online without a Mijn NS account.

Do you not have an internet connection, or do you require assistance filling in the online form? Then please do not hesitate to contact NS Customer Service.

Automatically transferred to your bank account with Mijn NS

An advantage of submission via Mijn NS is that the amount is automatically transferred to your bank account. If you submit a request without a Mijn NS account, you have to go to a ticket machine and load the amount onto your OV-chipkaart. It is not transferred to your bank account.

Refund conditions

You can request a refund a maximum of 3 times per calendar year. Your request should be submitted within 6 months of travelling.


When you submit a request via Mijn NS, the excess paid amount will be refunded to your bank account automatically within 2 weeks. If you submit a request without a Mijn NS account, you will receive an email informing you that you can load the excess amount onto your OV-chipkaart at an NS ticket machine.

Forgetting to check out with the NS-Business

If you forget to check out with an NS-Business Card, then you can still correct this by checking out later. You must do this within 6 hours after you checked in or before the end of the day (4:00). If you do not check out with your NS-Business Card, you will be charged the corrective fee.

Requesting a refund

With the NS-Business Card it is possible to submit a request from 9 days after your journey viaMijn NS Zakelijk. You can submit a request a maximum of 5 times per calendar year. Cardholders can claim a forgotten check out up to 6 months after the date of travel. The difference between the corrective fee and the actual ticket price is then corrected on the next invoice. Unfortunately, it is not possible to submit a request without using Mijn NS Zakelijk.

Checking out via the NS app

Everyone forgets to check out once in a while. With the Checkout Reminder, you can prevent that from happening. You can set the Checkout Reminder yourself via the NS-app.

Do you have any questions?

NS Customer Service would be happy to help you. You can also ask your question via the NS Community; we're available anytime, day or night.