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Improving service

We are constantly working to improve our service, in part by improving our schedules to offer as many travellers as possible a seat in the train. Our goal is to have as many trains as possible run on time, and to improve our provision of information in the event of disruptions or delays.

The answer to your question...

Top 5 busiest routes

The summer holidays are over; these are the five busiest routes

Measures to address crowded trains

What does NS do to prevent crowded trains?

Train schedules

The NS draws up the train schedule based on the number of expected passengers.

Reporting overcrowding on the train

Use the NS app to let us know if you're in a crowded train, to help us improve our services.

Information availability during disruptions

More information during disruptions

How was your journey?

Provide direct feedback on your experience travelling with NS via the NS app.