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Prices for train tickets are easy to find in the Travel planner. Enter a route and click on Plan Then click on the journey you want to make. You will immediately be shown the price for a one-way 2nd class ticket. If you click on All rates, you will also see the prices for Return tickets, 1st class tickets and Route season tickets  

NS uses various rates for passengers. We keep you informed of changes to rates. Below, you can read more about what you can do in case of corrective fees, fines, deferred payment and paying online.

The answer to your question...

Paying without iDEAL

Are you unable or unwilling to pay for your train ticket iDEAL? In that case, you can use your credit card or call NS Customer Service.

Deferred payments

If you don't have a valid ticket in the train, the conductor or Security & Service assistant will sell you a ticket and collect the legal fine of € 50. If you cannot pay in cash on the spot, then you will be granted deferred payment if you can provide proof of identification.

Correction fee and boarding fee

If we don't know which stations you boarded or left the train, for example because you forgot to check in or out and didn't correct it in time, then we will charge you a correction fee or a boarding fee. See which situation applies to you.

Rates in 2021

Every year, we update the prices and rates of our train tickets and season tickets on 1 January. The prices and rates shown here are for the most popular train tickets and season tickets. You can also find our rates in the NS Reisplanner and the NS app. Click on the button below for a summary of all our products and rates.

Customer rates for door-to-door services

Find the rates of various door-to-door services here, including renting an OV-fiets or storing your bicycle at the stations.

Business rates for 2021

As of 1 January 2021, the fares for various train tickets and season tickets are different. The business rates for 2021 are listed here.

Business rates for door-to-door services

What are the rates if you use the various door-to-door services with your NS-Business Card? View them here.