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NS charges travelers a variety of rates. We are happy to keep you informed of rate changes, correction rates, fines, deferred payments or problems with online payment, as well as how to react to these payment issues.

The answer to your question...

Problems when paying online

Are you having problems paying online with NS? Please call NS customer service and order your NS season ticket on the telephone.

Deferred payments

No valid ticket in the train? Then the conductor can give you a fine. Are you unable to pay in cash immediately? Then you will be granted a deferred payment if you are able to provide proof of your identity.

Corrective fees

If you do not check in or do not check out with a Traject Vrij or NS-Business Card, we are unable to determine the journey price. We then charge you a corrective fee.

Redeem your voucher code.

Consumer Rates

View the consumer rates for 2017. You can also find the rates in the NS Travel Planner

Business rates

You can find the rates for NS business products for 2017 here. These rates are also available in the NS Travel Planner.

Customer rates for door-to-door services

What are the rates for door-to-door services if you would like to use another form of public transport for the last leg of your journey?

Business rates for door-to-door services

What are the rates if you use the various door-to-door services with your NS-Business Card? View them here.