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Refunds for delays

We understand how irritating it is to experience a delay on your train journey in the Netherlands, so we offer a refund for delays of 30 minutes or more.

Which reimbursement?

The amount of the refund depends on your individual situation (vergoedingentabel):

Refunds are not granted if…

  • the amount is less than € 2.30.  
  • the longer travel time was announced in advance. 
  • a rail carrier other than NS caused the delay. 
  • you forgot to check in or out with your OV-chipkaart or NS-Business Card. 
  • the request was submitted 3 or more months after the travel date. 
  • the delay was caused by force majeure, such as a nationwide power outage. 
  • you were not able to board a crowded train due to the current coronavirus prevention measures.

How to arrange your request

  • OV-chipkaart or single-use chipkaart

    Do you have a Mijn NS account and travel using an OV-chipkaart or a single-use chipkaart? If so, then the easiest and fastest way to submit a refund request is via Mijn NS.

    You can also claim a refund without an Mijn NS account, but then you will not have access to your travel history.

  • NS-Business Card

    If you travelled using an NS-Business Card, then you can submit a refund request via your Mijn NS Zakelijk account.

  • Debit card

    Have you traveled with your contactless debit card, credit card or debit card on your mobile or smartwatch? Then ask for a refund using our form.

  • High Speed Line

    If you travelled using the High Speed Line aboard the (Intercity direct or the Intercity Den Haag-Eindhoven via Breda), then you can also submit a request online for delays of longer than 15 minutes. You will be asked to submit your card number along with the request.

  • International travel

    You can request a refund for delays on op international routes or using an international ticket via NS International.

  • E-ticket, mobile ticket or additional ticket purchased from NS

    E-ticket or mobile ticket

    E-tickets or mobile tickets cannot be changed, returned and refunded unless there is a delay of 60 minutes or more. In that case, you can choose from 2 options:

    Supplementary ticket

    Also if you traveled with a supplementary ticket you can submit a request online. If you have traveled with a Railrunner, Dagkaart Hond or Dagkaart fiets you can fill this in under the heading Supplementary tickets in the form. It is also possible to submit a request via My NS. Log in to Mijn NS and click on the tab Seperate ticket.

  • E-ticket, mobile ticket or additional ticket not purchased from NS

    Did you not purchase your e-ticket or mobile ticket from NS, but your delay at NS was at least 30 minutes?  You can apply for a refund via our form if your e-ticket or mobile ticket was purchased from:

    • Tranzer app
    • 9292 app (via ticketing partner Tranzer)
    • Gaiyo app (via ticketing partner Innovactory)
    • Go About app
    • Amaze app (via ticketing partner Radiuz)

    The same applies to discount coupon codes purchased from NS partners (such as drug stores or supermarkets) and then redeemed for an NS e-ticket or mobile ticket at

    In all other cases, you can submit your refund request via post. Please include the following information with your request:

    1. a copy of your ticket or bill
    2. your scheduled departure time according to the rail timetable
    3. the NS departure and arrival stations
    4. length of delay (30-59 minutes or 60 minutes or more)
    5.  your address and IBAN number.

    You can send your refund request to: NS Klantenservice, Postbus 2372, 3500 GJ Utrecht.

Reimbursement payment

Did you submit a request online? Then we will email you a confirmation of receipt within a few minutes. In most cases, your request will be processed within a few days. You will then receive an email from us informing you of whether your request was accepted, and if so what the refunded amount will be. If you submitted a paper form and did not provide an email address, you will receive a message by post.

If you submitted a request within 5 days after your journey, then processing usually takes at least one week because delay information takes time to be confirmed by our system.

Automatic refund

If you are entitled to a refund, then the amount will automatically be transferred to the account you have specified. If you have not been contacted regarding your request within 6 weeks, then please contact NS Customer Service

Do you have any questions?

NS Customer Service would be happy to help. You can reach them anytime day or night via Twitter or Facebook.