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Lost and found items

Have you lost or forgotten something on the train or at the station? That's very annoying! How can you get your things back? This page contains all the information you need to find out what you can do.

Have you lost something on the train or at the station?

The first 5 days

Submit the search form right away. Usually, found objects are kept in storage at the station where they are handed in for the first 5 days, free of charge. You can pick up your objects from the station in question. To get your lost items back, all you have to do is show us a valid ID and the unique number of your online search request.<./p>

After 5 days

After 5 days, lost & found objects are sent to the Central Lost & Found Desk in Utrecht, where they are kept for up to 3 months. We constantly monitor whether a lost item is handed in that matches the description stated on your search request and will keep you up to date in the meantime.

If we manage to find your item or luggage, we will have it delivered to your home at a minimum cost of € 15. For items that measure more than 1 meter in length or weigh over 10 kilograms, we will charge an extra fee. Unfortunately, you cannot visit the Central Lost & Found Desk.

Lost & Found objects with a known owner. Full shipping costs apply to foreign shipments.

Have you lost your ID?

If the Central Lost & Found Desk finds an ID among your items, we are obliged by law to hand it over to the appropriate authorities. If you lose your ID, you must request a replacement ID.

Have you found something on the train or at the station?

If you find an item on the train or at a station, you can hand it in to an NS employee. If you can't find an NS employee, you can also call our Customer Service to report your find. Thanks in advance!