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Lost and found items

Have you lost or forgotten something on the train or at the station? How annoying! If you report it to us online immediately, we'll keep our eyes open to see whether it's found.

1. Make a report

If you have lost an item, report this online as soon as possible. When you do so, tell us as much as possible about the lost item, every single detail, as this will increase the chance of us finding it.

Please note: If you lost the item in a train run by another carrier, please visit iLost or report the loss to the carrier concerned. This will increase the chance of you getting your item back.

Please note: If you have lost your personal OV-chipkaart, bank card or identification, you cannot report this to us. These items are immediately passed onto the respective agencies responsible and must be blocked and replaced.

2. We carry out a search

We aim to process your report within a few days of receiving it. We will also make every effort to notify you within this period as to whether your item has been found. However, due to the large number of reports, we don't always manage to do this. 

Based on the information in your report, we look through the items that we have received or that come in afterwards. If we find something that matches your description, we will contact you. The more specific you have described your item, the bigger the chance it can be found.

We will search for up to three weeks for your item. Please bear in mind that if your item is not found within the first three days, there is only a very small chance that it will turn up.

3. If we find your item

Usually, found objects are kept in storage at the station at which they are handed in for the first five days, free of charge. If your item is among these, you will receive notification from us about where and when you can come and collect it. You can only collect the item upon showing your identification and the reference number we have provided. It is not possible to collect items from some stations. If this is the case, we will inform you about how you can receive your item. 

After five days, items are sent to the Central Lost and Found Desk. Once your item has arrived there, we can only send it to you. This costs at least € 15.

Have you found something at the station or on the train?

You can hand in a found item to an NS employee at the station or on the train. If this proves not to be possible, you can also report it online.