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Manage your travel history with Mijn NS

With your Mijn NS account, you can view your travel history. To do so, you must first link your OV-chipkaart to a unique card service code, so that we can be sure no one else can view your travel history. We would be happy to explain how to link this code to your OV-chipkaart.

View your travel history

To view your travel history online, you must request a card service code in Mijn NS, then activate it at an NS Ticket Machine. Next, you must link the card service code to your OV-chipkaart in Mijn NS. Once that has been done you will be able to change your information.

Why do you need a card service code?

To protect your privacy, NS wants to make sure that you have the OV-chipkaart in your possession and that no one else can view your travel history. To do so, NS issues you with this unique code.

Request your card service code

  • Log in to Mijn NS and click on 'Link OV-chipkaart' in the left menu, then click on 'Request card service code'.
  • Enter your OV-chipkaart number and your e-mail address, then click on 'Send'.
  • You will receive 2 e-mails: a confirmation and a notice that your card service code is waiting for you at any NS Ticket Machine.

Activate your card service code

  • Hold your OV-chipkaart in front of the OV-chipkaart logo at the bottom right of the NS Ticket Machine and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Select 'Download order', then the order with card service code and press 'Akkoord'

Link your OV-chipkaart to Mijn NS

  • In the Mijn NS menu, select 'Link OV-chipkaart’
  • Enter the number of your OV-chipkaart and card service code and click on 'Confirm’
  • Click on 'My products' in the menu, then on 'register to view travel history' in the overview

What if you do not see your travel history?

You may not have linked your OV-chipkaart to your account, or you have linked your OV-chipkaart to your account, but you have not indicated that you would like to view your travel history in 'My products'. Try these steps again, and if that does not work, please contact NS Customer Service.