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Compensation for the disruption on June 4

First of all: we deeply regret the inconvenience caused by the disruption at ProRail on June 4. We realize that we have had to appeal to your understanding and self-reliance. That is not what you can expect from us and what you are used to from us. We would therefore like to offer various options for compensation for that day. Please review the options below that let you qualify for compensation or a replacement ticket.

Do you want to file a claim?

You can submit a claim for the costs you have incurred on June 4. To do so, please contact NS Customer Service. We aim to process your claim within 4 weeks.

I had bought a separate train ticket or e-ticket for June 4 and want to complete my journey on another date

  • Did you have a separate train ticket or e-ticket before 4 June, but were you unable to make full use of it? Please contact NS Customer Service for a new train ticket. The new train ticket is valid for a new date and under the same conditions.
  • Did you purchase a new ticket yourself before today, June 5, to complete your trip on June 4? Then declare the costs to NS Customer Service.

Please note, it is the intention that you declare with your valid ticket of 4 June, and therefore do not throw it away.

I had a valid ticket before June 4 and want to make a claim for a refund in the event of a delay

To do this, submit a request for Refunds for Delays.

I incurred costs on 4 June due to the malfunction that I want to declare

If you have incurred costs, you can declare them via NS Customer Service. This includes hotel costs, taxi costs or costs for using alternative means of transport.

Good to know:

  • We reimburse extra costs for replacement transport with other bus, tram or metro operators.
  • To be eligible for compensation, you must be able to present a ticket that was valid on 4 June. This means, for example, an e-ticket, public transport chip card with valid check in, or one-time chip card by date. Or you can make it plausible that you would have wanted to travel.
  • In most cases we also ask for proof, such as a receipt or invoice, of the costs you have incurred.
  • If you declare kilometer costs for your own transport, we will charge a kilometer allowance of 0.21 cents per kilometre, as determined by the government.

I had an E-ticket or ticket from the machine before June 4 and was unable to travel. And I still want to (finish) my journey today

Contact NS Customer Service for a coupon code for a free e-ticket for today.