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Book a taxi quickly and easily for journeys to and from more than 320 stations, at an attractive price. The taxis operate from the first to the last train. You pay in advance easily through iDEAL.

Taxi services at stations

By using the Transvision OV-taxi (Public transport taxi) platform, you can quickly and easily book a taxi to and from more than 320 stations at an attractive price. This service is available from early in the morning to late at night, from the first to the last train. You can book a taxi up until 30 minutes before your journey, and use iDEAL to pay for it in advance. This ensures that a taxi is available at an attractive price.

Affordable price

The total fare is calculated based on the shortest route provided by the route planner. This price is known before you book the taxi ride, and paying is easy: you pay in advance with iDEAL instead of using cash in the taxi. The price is a per-taxi rate, and you can take up to three extra people.

Booking a taxi

You can easily book a ride to and from the station through the NS app or on You can book a taxi up to 30 minutes before the ride starts - even if you're still on the train. Once you have booked, you will immediately receive the taxi company's contact details and see the total fare.

Pay in advance

You pay for your taxi ride in advance with iDEAL. This prevents unwelcome surprises later, and you always know what your fare is going to be.

320 locations

At one of the 320 station locations, you can follow the 'taxi' signs to find your taxi. It will arrive either at the taxi rank or at the Kiss & Ride. For stations without a taxi rank, follow the instructions in the message confirming your booking to find out where your taxi will be.

Quality guaranteed


From early in the morning until late at night, from the first to the last train - the rides are offered by local taxi operators who guarantee the quality of their services. This means you can be sure you will have an experienced taxi driver who knows the route and will take you safely to your destination.

Experiencing problems?

If you can't find the taxi at the station, or if it hasn't shown up, you can call the taxi company using the telephone number provided in the confirmation e-mail.

If you have any other questions, or cannot solve the problem with the taxi company, please feel free to call Transvision customer service on 0900 - 6798294.