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Travel the Maas-Rhine area with bus and train for a whole day for € 21,70.

Day trip through the Meuse–Rhine Euroregion

With the Euregioticket, you can take a day trip through the Meuse–Rhine Euroregion for just €21.70. The Euregioticket is valid in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. You can use it during peak hours and all day on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. 

Good to know

Ticket sales points
The Euregioticket can be purchased at a number of stations in south Limburg, which is part of the Meuse–Rhine Euroregion. This includes stations starting from Roermond and moving southwards, as well as in Belgian Limburg, the province of Liège and the region of Aachen.

You can also purchase the Euregioticket from the NS service desk in Maastricht. It is also available there as a single chipkaart without supplement. This paper OV-chipkaart is valid on all train carriers.

Ticket validity
The Euregioticket is valid during peak hours, on the weekend and on public holidays. 

Up to five people can travel on one Euregioticket
A Euregioticket is valid for up to two adults and three children younger than 12 years.

If you travel with more than one person on a single Euregioticket during the weekend, a maximum of five people can go through the gates on the same bar code. Let your companions go through the gate one by one first, and then follow them as the last.

Frequently asked questions

  • On which buses and trains can I travel with the Euregioticket?


    All scheduled buses in the Maas-Rhine Euregio.


    • Germany: all Regional Express (RE) and Regional Bahn (RB) trains
    • Belgium: all trains on selected routes, but not on the ICE or Euronight
    • The Netherlands: in all trains on train routes in South Limburg (below Roermond)
  • Can I see the area where the Euregioticket is valid?

    Yes, there is a map in the Euregioticket folder showing you precisely where you can travel with a Euregioticket.