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The KeyCard is intended for affiliated/other/international transporters, organisations, and companies that need a barcode with unique specifications for a shorter or longer period. The KeyCard can also be used for a specific inter-neighbourhood solution.

How to order

Click on the yellow KeyCards aanvragen button to enter the web portal and order a KeyCard. The KeyCard is available at no charge, and can be ordered in physical or digital formats.

Using the Toegangspas

  1. Go to a gate with the ‘scan ticket’ symbol.
  2. Hold the square barcode against the illuminated surface to your right.
  3. The gate will open, and you can enter or leave the station.
  4. For more information, use the i-button on the information post, or ask a Service Assistant. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of physical cards are available?

Physical KeyCards are available in booklets of 25 or 75.

How long is the bar code valid?

The physical and digital bar codes show the expiration period on the bar code. This period begins when the bar code is scanned. 

Additional information

Do you have any questions?

Please contact NS Customer Service