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City and regional transport services

Would you like to save money on city and regional travel services? Then buy an OV Vrij, OV Voordeel or Regio season ticket.

Discount travel by bus, tram and metro

Almost every station offers connections to local public transport services. To travel by city and regional transport, you need an anonymous or personal OV-chipkaart or NS-Business Card.

The following season tickets give you discounts on travel by bus, tram or metro:

NS-Business Card and bus, tram and metro

With an NS-Business Card, you can travel anywhere in the Netherlands by bus, tram or metro simply by checking in and out. The invoice with all of your transactions is sent to your employer at the end of the month. If you or your employees regularly use the bus, tram or metro to get to work, consider purchasing a bus, tram and metro abonnement for the relevant region.

Regional abonnement

The Regio season ticket is a season ticket that gives you unlimited travel on all buses, trams and metros in your selected region for a fixed amount per month. The Regio season ticket is only available with a separate personal OV-chipkaart, and cannot be used in combination with your NS-Business Card. 

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