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Medical examinations as a result of the detection of chromium trioxide

Since October 2015, NedTrain has facilitated a helpdesk and medical examinations for current and former employees (including temporary and contract workers) who are concerned and/or have experienced health complaints that may have been caused by chromium trioxide. Below you can read more about the medical exams and the organisations that offer the exams. We hope to provide more insight into the process and to clarify what can be expected.

Information about the medical examinations

What can you expect from the medical exam conducted by Arbo Unie or Maetis Ardyn?
The medical exam conducted by Arbo Unie of MaetisArdyn focuses specifically on symptoms that are related to long-term exposure to chromium trioxide, especially nose lesions/bleeding, rashes, sores and limited lung capacity or function.  These are the symptoms which may be related to exposure to chromium trioxide, so it is not necessary to conduct a full medical examination of your general health condition. No urine or blood samples will be collected, as the presence or effects of chromium trioxide cannot be determined in the patient's blood or urine. NedTrain will bear the costs of the medical exam.

Purpose of the exam by Arbo Unie or MaetisArdyn
The purpose of the exam is not to determine whether you have been exposed to chromium trioxide, but to see if you display symptoms that may be an indication of a disease.

If anything is found that requires treatment, then you will be referred to a medical specialist. You may also be referred to a specialist for treatment by your general practitioner. In addition to concerns about your health, you may wonder whether your condition was caused by working with chromium trioxide, and whether NedTrain can be held liable for the costs of treatment. To answer these questions, you can ask the Instituut voor Klinische Arbeidsgeneeskunde to conduct a medical exam for you. We recommend that you also consult an attorney prior to the exam. If you would like an occupational medical exam, please request one from the NedTrain Legal department.

No results?
Even if the medical exam turns up no symptoms of chromium trioxide exposure, you may still become ill at a later date. Exposure to chromium trioxide does not necessarily result in immediate health complaints. It is therefore always a good idea to go to your doctor if you have complaints that you think may be related to past exposure to chromium trioxide. Inform your doctor that you have worked with hazardous materials in the past, and that you suspect you may have become ill due to chromium trioxide. Bring along the 'Health Risks of Chromium Trioxide' information brochure for physicians. This information brochure was also sent to all general practitioners in 2015.

Please be advised that the medical exam offered by NedTrain is not compulsory, so if you would like to undergo a different examination, such as through a referral from your own general practitioner, you are of course free to do so.

Registering for a medical exam via the CAOP
NedTrain has created a helpdesk at the CAOP to answer questions and help people register for medical exams. The helpdesk can be reached by telephone from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00 at tel.: 070-376 54 58 or via e-mail at: The helpdesk can also arrange a referral to the Arbo Unie or MeatisArdyn upon request, depending on which party you choose to conduct the exam.

The service by the CAOP was initially intended to run through March 2016, but it has been extended indefinitely for the time being, so you still have an opportunity to register for a medical exam. In the future, the examination for chromium trioxide will be part of the Periodic Occupational Health Exam (PAGO).

Registrations with the CAOP and medical examination data are strictly confidential, and will not be shared with NedTrain/NS.