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Information about the medical examinations

IKA Ned B.V. is a consulting bureau for clinical occupational health, and is a leading expert in the field of occupational diseases. IKA Ned conducts specific medical examinations by physicians who are specialised in providing an expert opinion about possible relationships between certain conditions and exposure to chromium-6. These physicians are assisted by two clinical occupational medicine specialists, an occupational hygienist, a dermatologist, a lung specialist and a specialist in work-related cancer. The examination will result in an independent evaluation of whether or not there is a possible connection between a condition and exposure to chromium-6 when working at NS.

When is a medical examination relevant?

If there is a chance that you were exposed to chromium-6 during your work and/or if you suspect you may have symptoms related to exposure, you can register for a medical examination. A medical examination only has added value if you have one of the following symptoms. If you develop any such symptoms in the future, this offer will still stand. This offer for a medical examination applies to current and former employees of NedTrain and NS, as well as self-employed professionals who work or worked for NedTrain.

Exposure to chromium-6 can lead to symptoms including:

  • Nose wounds/nosebleeds
  • Rashes, ulcers, or infections of the skin or eyes
  • Deteriorated lung capacity/lung function

What does the examination entail?

The investigation will include the following elements:

  • Health information: information from the RIVM regarding potential health risks of chromium-6.
  • Survey: together with a physician, you will fill out a questionnaire about any complaints or conditions you may have.
  • Evaluation of medical and personnel dossier: if necessary, the physician will ask you to request your medical information from your general practitioner or specialist. Employment details from your personnel file are also important, such as the duration of your employment with NedTrain, the work you performed or the use of protective equipment.
  • Prior history and work situation: the physician will ask you about your work situation and your medical history, in order to determine whether any complaints might be related to work-related exposure to chromium-6.
  • Lung, skin, and nose examination: during the examination, the physician will look at your nose (are there any lesions or sores?) and your skin (possible presence of rashes?). If necessary, he or she can also perform a lung examination.
  • Report: all of the information will be recorded in a report, with a recommendation about how to deal with the findings. This report will only be made available to you. If you desire, the report can also be explained in more detail.

It is possible that the medical examination finds nothing wrong, but you can still become ill in the future, because exposure to chromium-6 does not always result in immediate health complaints. If you develop complaints that you think might be related to past exposure to chromium-6, please inform your doctor that you have worked with chromium-6 or objects that may contain the substance, and bring along the 'Health Risks of Chromium-6' information pamphlet for physicians. This information pamphlet was also distributed to all general practitioners in 2015.

Your privacy is protected

The results of the specialist medical examination and the contents of the consultation with the clinical occupational medicine specialist will not be shared with NS.

Not obligatory

You are not obliged to participate in the examination offered by NS. You are entirely free to request an examination elsewhere, such as via a referral from your general practitioner. If the costs for the medical examination fall within your health insurance deductible, then NS will reimburse you for your expenses.

Expertise and processing of any damage claims

If the medical examination does not eliminate the possibility of a relationship between health complaints and exposure to chromium-6, IKA Ned may recommend a more comprehensive specialist examination. This examination will result in a report that can be used in the context of claims for damages. Read more about it here.

Questions about the medical exam

If you have any questions about the medical exam, please contact the CAOP or IKA Ned B.V.:
Instituut voor Klinische Arbeidsgeneeskunde Nederland (IKA Ned B.V.)

Regus Amsterdamse Bos
De Cuserstraat 93, 2nd floor 
1081 CN  Amsterdam

020 894 9124