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Expertise and processing of any damage claims

<p>If the medical examination does not eliminate the possibility of a relationship between health complaints and exposure to chromium-, IKA Ned may recommend a more comprehensive specialist examination. This examination will result in a report that can be used in the context of claims for damages.

The results of the medical examination may present grounds for submitting a claim for compensation for damages to NS. You can submit such a claim to NS Insurance N.V. NS Insurance will then process your claim. You may also ask your legal aid insurer or other personal injury advocate to submit the claim on your behalf. Reasonable expenses for legal aid will be compensated to you.

Contact information

NedTrain B.V.
p/a NS Insurance
Postbus 19136
3501 DC Utrecht

You can also contact NS Insurance for any questions about submitting a damage claim:

E-mail address:
Telephone number: 088 671 3654