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Collective remembrance

The NS Committee on Individual Compensation for Victims of WWII Deportations has advised NS to consider whether and how to make a collective acknowledgement of the large group of deportees without surviving family members who can claim individual compensation.

Collective acknowledgement

In response to the recommendations, NS will provide a total of 5 million euros in financial support to Camp Westerbork, Camp Vught, Camp Amersfoort and the Oranjehotel.

With this support, NS acknowledges the suffering and fate of the large group of deportees who are not eligible for individual compensation.

This group includes Jews, Sinti and Roma who did not survive the war and who left no surviving family members, but also members of the resistance, political prisoners and forced labourers.

Youth education

NS has asked the memorial centres to use the money on youth education, with a special focus on discrimination, including antisemitism in the past and present.