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NS stimulates innovation in the mobility sector

From train company to mobility company - that's the transition that NS is currently undergoing. We anticipate that the mobility market will grow in general and become more dynamic, with travellers expecting customised solutions for their journeys. This requires an innovative approach.

For this reason, NS is looking for partners to transform trends and developments into new products and services that make travelling more enjoyable. In order to be a leader in mobility in the Netherlands, we're using various resources to build up a network of knowledge and skills. These are described below.

To get an idea of the innovations at NS, please consult the NS Annual Report, which contains a number of examples.

Mainport Innovation Fund II

The Mainport Innovation Fund (MIF) is a collective of partners including Schiphol Airport, KLM, TU Delft, the Port of Amsterdam and NS, who share the ambition of supporting entrepreneurs in their growth at an early stage with money and expertise. Thanks to an active scouting approach, young entrepreneurs come onto the radar with their innovative solutions in areas such as mobility, transport and sustainability. In addition to investing in them, NS also has the opportunity of acting as a launching customer.


Spoorlab is our platform for challenging the outside world to come up with creative solutions for internal issues. This can vary from general idea generation to practical matters. Depending on the 'challenge' involved, NS makes funds available for further developing the best idea. In addition, this represents an opportunity for NS to come into contact with new parties and engage in new partnerships. Spoorlab is a joint initiative of NS and ProRail.

Cooperation with partners

NS cooperates within a wide-ranging ecosystem of Dutch companies, suppliers, incubators and investment companies, including ANWB, Yes!Delft and UtrechtINC. In doing so, we accelerate the impact of innovations on mobility and offer suitable support to start-ups. We also work actively together with research universities and universities of applied sciences and provide 'learning places' for students in many parts of the organisation. These learning places allow valuable knowledge from fundamental research to flow back into our organisation.

Other partnerships

In addition to the resources mentioned above, we would also like to get in touch with entrepreneurs/individuals with ideas that could contribute to mobility in the future. If we feel that an idea has promise, we'll be happy to enter into a collaboration.

If you are or know someone with a smart idea in the mobility field, please let us know. Send your idea with a clearly and concisely described problem and solution. Explain the business model, USPs and an overview of the financial aspects as thoroughly as possible. E-mail your idea to and we will consider it, and then contact you about how to proceed.