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On the move, on the train

Travelling by train and exercise go hand in hand, because when you use the train you are exercising without even realising it! That might sound crazy, but by using public transport you can easily get 30 minutes of exercise per day. For example, when you cycle to the station, walk to the platform and then walk to your final destination.

NS a supporter of exercise

Increasing number of Dutch people are realising that they need to exercise to stay fit and healthy. In fact, 22 of the 50 biggest sporting events in the Netherlands involve walking or running. So it is hardly strange that millions of Dutch people are jogging or going for walks these days.

NS encourages everyone to walk or jog. As Supporter of exercise, we are present at countless running and walking events that take place in the Netherlands. We help athletes and supporters at stations by providing them with information and directing them to the start and finish. Furthermore, we also organise NS walks from station to station.


Supporter of exercise will be present at a great many Dutch walking and running events this year. For example, we will be present at the Rotterdam Marathon, the Nijmeegse Vierdaagse and the Dam tot Damloop. Together with our enthusiastic support team, we will be getting you in the right mood for walking and running events all over the Netherlands. In order to help you experience these events as athlete or supporter, we often have special offers. This helps you get everywhere easily and cheaply. You get a warm-up straight away, and at the end of the event you can hop on the train.

We worked with the Atletiekunie and the KWBN to put together a special calendar, including all events within a 2 kilometre radius of an NS station. 


Step out of the train and into the wild! Together with wandelnet and, NS offers hikers more than 650 hikes. The perfect opportunity to get some exercise and to enjoy nature while you do it. Most of the  hikes go from one station to another, and you can get nearly anywhere in the Netherlands by train. So by following the tracks into the wild, you can discover the most beautiful parts of the Netherlands.

This summer we will also be offering themed hikes. Our family hikes start at a station and end at a pancake restaurant. Furthermore, we have shopping hikes, which combine walking and shopping. Something for everyone.

We do even more

Being Supporter of exercise involves more than just being present at stations. In addition to our website, we are also available and active on social media 24/7. Here we provide you with tips, facts and other news from the walking and running world. For example, where the most beautiful hiking spots are. We do this in collaboration with our walking and running partners.