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Rolling stock

NS works hard to protect the trains against winter weather. Over the past few years, several parts that are sensitive to water and condensation have been replaced, and extra inspections have been conducted. We also use anti-icing materials and techniques to prevent snow and ice from accumulating under the trains.

Anti-icing and de-icing

Last winter, NS and ProRail use anti-icing installations. This involves treating the under surfaces of the train with glycol, so that snow and ice cannot freeze to the bottom of the train. This prevents chunks of snow and ice from falling into the switches or damaging the lines under the train. Russia and the Scandinavian countries have had good experiences with this technique, and NS and ProRail have conducted successful tests. In addition to this preventive measure, NS treats trains with heat cannons (de-icing) when necessary. This melts any snow or ice that has accumulated under the trains, so that maintenance can be conducted faster without damaging the trains. This in turn allows them to re-enter service more rapidly.

In this video by ProRail, you can see exactly how the anti-icing installation works.