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In winter, cold, snow and sleet can cause major disruptions to infrastructure and rolling stock. This results in delays and fewer trains for travellers. This dossier provides more information about the influence of winter weather on the rail network and the potential consequences for travellers. You can also read about the measures we are taking to deal with the situation in the future. 

What measures do we take?

It is important to NS and ProRail that passengers can travel by train as safely and reliably as possible, even in poor weather. That's why we implement a special winter weather schedule when inclement weather is expected. In this case, approximately 80% of all trains continue to run as usual, and we run longer trains to accommodate as many passengers as possible. NS advises passengers to check the NS Travel Planner app just before departure for the most up-to-date travel information. Read more about the measures below.

Consequences of winter weather

The weather has a major influence on the railway network.

Train schedule changes

More information about winter weather schedule changes.

Rolling stock

Making rolling stock more robust, de-icing, and utilising rolling stock.


Preventing switches from freezing and solving disruptions as quickly as possible.

Service and information

Extra services and staff to inform customers.


NS is responsible for passenger rail transport. ProRail is responsible for infrastructure.