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Service and information

NS and ProRail may adjust the train schedule under inclement weather conditions. We advise travelers to keep an eye on the weather reports and to check the NS Travel Planner before leaving. Expect longer travel times and crowded trains during peak hours.

Information about schedule changes due to inclement weather

NS and ProRail communicate schedule changes for the following day in a number of ways:

  • via the travel information in the Travel Planner,
  • via a message in the Travel Planner Xtra App,
  • via the public announcement system in the train and at the station,
  • We also communicate schedule changes via the media, Teletekst, ns.nl, etc,
  • Travelers can also subscribe to an SMS service to receive messages informing them of schedule changes. To register for the SMS service, go to www.ns.nl/spoorbericht or text ‘AAN’ to 4900. Check with your mobile provider for the cost of sending a text message.

Travel information

For the past two years, NS has been solely responsible for providing rail travel information. We are constantly working to improve our travel information in order to provide our travelers with the most up-to-date information available. The Travel Planner Xtra app contains a wealth of information and many new functions, such as the crowded train alert. The digital screens at the stations are also linked to the travel information system to provide the latest information about departure and arrival times.

Travel information in the event of disruptions

When disruptions occur, the travel information system must be updated. Sometimes it may take some time before we know exactly how the trains can best be re-routed in the event of a disruption. This involves solving a complex logistical puzzle, and occasionally we cannot be as accurate as we would like. NS strives to provide travelers with information via the public announcement system at the station or in the train or via the information screens at the station within 10 minutes of an incident. Our goal is to provide the traveler with the most complete information possible as to the cause of the disruption and the expected duration of the delay. If this information is not available, then we will communicate whatever information is available.

Service at the stations

Changes to the rail schedule can result in major irritation for our travelers, such as full trains, crowded stations, extra transfers and longer travel times. NS and ProRail are working hard to limit the inconvenience as much as possible and to solve the disruptions as fast as possible, for example by assigning disruption teams and preparing auxiliary locomotives to tow away stopped trains.

We also try to accommodate travelers that experience inconvenience and delays by:

  • offering refunds for delays;
  • assigning extra staff to stations in order to answer travelers' questions;
  • offering free coffee/tea and toilet facilities during peak hours at the largest stations.