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Fossil-free enterprise

For us, fossil-free enterprise means:

  • Using as little energy as possible.
  • Using our own buildings and land to generate energy.
  • Purchasing fossil-free for any extra energy needed.

That is: 100% sustainable energy without fossil fuel as a back-up.

NS is the first train operator in the world to run entirely on green electricity. We are now working hard to achieve the next step in the energy transition, with our goals being to use 80% less natural gas by 2030, and to be completely fossil-free by 2040. This applies not only to the energy needed for our stations and offices, but also for running our trains. We are putting our all into achieving these goals.

At the moment, we are operating in a climate-neutral manner, but when it's not windy, we still rely on fossil fuels for back-up. For this reason, we are working towards being able to generate energy on our own buildings and grounds. For example, seven of our workshops already have solar panels, and we have installed six wind turbines near Amsterdam (at the Nieuwe Hemweg wind farm). We are also investigating the possibility of installing solar panels on P+R sites in combination with charging poles for electric cars.

Green energy for train, bus and station

Since 2017, our trains have run for 100% on wind energy.

Energy-saving measures

We aim to reduce our energy consumption.