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Green enterprise

By engaging in green enterprise, we make a positive contribution to biodiversity, health, and climate change and adaptation. We are providing a greater quantity and variety of nature at our stations and workshops, as well as more plant-based food products in our shops and company canteens. We are also working to deploy nature in our climate adaptation measures.

More greenery at stations

In the coming years, the goal is to make 2,500 to 5,000 m2 per year at and around the stations more biodiverse and green, in collaboration with ProRail and the municipalities. To this end, we will have various native flower mixtures, sedum-based vegetation and perennials placed in containers and borders on the platforms and surrounding the stations. This stimulates biodiversity by attracting insects and birds.

Good examples can already be seen in Enkhuizen, Bilthoven and at Leiden Central and Arnhem Central stations. Coevorden Station is an example of cooperation between NS and the local municipality to make the station area greener. And a final, eye-catching example is the placement of veteran trees at stations.

More plant-based foods available

There is a growing demand for plant-based foods, which are better for the environment than meat and dairy. Among other things, plant-based foods contribute to reducing CO2 emissions, and for this reason, NS wants to increase its range of plant-based items in the station shops.

Examples include the increasing supply of fruit and snack vegetables at the Kiosk and StationsHuiskamer, as well as vegan skewers and vegetarian iced coffee. Julia's offers soy milk in your cappuccino, grilled vegetable sandwiches, and vegetarian pasta bolognese (without cheese).

Climate adaptation measures

Stations are extremely important for keeping the Netherlands accessible. Weather patterns are changing and have an effect on the accessibility, safety and availability of stations. In developing stations, buildings and areas, we take the consequences of climate change into account. To this end, we need to gain insight into the aspects of climate change and develop a plan for adaptive measures.