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Modernisation is often cheaper than buying new equipment. NS carries out the modernisation and renovation of large series of rolling stock. Most of the work takes place at our largest workshop: Haarlem Train Modernisation.

Renovation saves money

After renovation, outdated carriages can be used for years to come. Renovation is significantly cheaper than purchasing new trains. In addition, there are many possibilities: from small adjustments to a completely modernised train with a new look.

All the tools for train renovation

From electronic, mechanical and hydraulic technology to hull work: we have all the necessary skills in house. We always choose the most suitable materials, regardless of brand.

Take the old train type DD-AR for example. This train has just been converted into a new Intercity and is now running in the Netherlands again. It has a climate control system and has been fully fitted according to the customer's requirements. As a result, 2 zones have been created. The lower zone is for 'meeting', and is equipped with lounge couches and seating corners. In the upper zone, passengers can work or read in peace.

Built-in monitor system

In addition to visible improvements, there are also less obvious improvements. In order to make train traffic even safer, we fit monitoring systems that identify problems in advance. We also install communication systems. For example, Internet On Board and up to date travel information.

“After renovation, the trains are as good as new! I didn't expect that.” - Trainee technician, Haarlem

Renovating train wheels

Renovation of train wheels is a sustainable and financially beneficial solution. That is why we have a special department that gives worn out bogies and wheel sets a new life. To do this, we employ approximately 100 renovation experts with a great deal of knowledge and experience. Both in the field of engineering and planning. And if you have to maintain 13,000 wheel sets, you really need them. Each year, at least 1,100 bogies and 3,000 wheel sets are renovated. After that, they can run for approximately 1.2 million kilometres.

Tilburg Component Factory

The renovation of components is also part of NS's train maintenance. Tilburg Component Factory renovates components that are taken out of trains. These vary from complex components like pantographs and compressors, to small components like emergency brake levers. The Component Factory has different production departments that are specialised in pneumatics, electronics and mechanical engineering. Here, components are functionally renewed. High quality and rapid throughput times are paramount here.