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Train maintenance

Within NS, the departments Service, Maintenance and Modernisation are responsible for maintaining the trains. Previously these department were NedTrain. From technical maintenance to quick service visits, and from cleaning to short- or long-term revision: these departments ensure that 1.2 million NS passengers arrive at their destinations on time, safe and in a clean train, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

NS and train maintenance

NS has maintained trains for over 178 years.

About our services

NS maintains, modernises, repairs and cleans trains.

Locations along the tracks

35 strategic locations along the tracks where NS can carry out train maintenance.

NS train maintenance services

Maintenance and Service

Regular short-term maintenance can prevent many problems from ever occurring.


Modernisation is often cheaper than buying new equipment.

Damage repair

Our repair technicians work quickly and safely to get rolling stock back on track!


A clean train not only makes the journey more pleasant, it also exudes a sense of safety.

Construction and maintenance by maintenance businesses and service locations

New trains also require investment in our maintenance businesses and service locations.