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Railyard Amsterdam Westhaven

ProRail and NS are building a new railyard 'parking lot' for trains in Amsterdam Westhaven, where cleaners and repair technicians can ensure that the trains are clean and safe before allocating them to the timetable. ProRail is responsible for the construction of the rails, switches, security and a substation, where the energy is converted for use by the trains. At the same time, NS will be building an employee office with an environmental plaza. The site will also feature boarding facilities, such as mobile stairways, to make it easier for our colleagues to enter and exit the trains. A platform lift will also be available to help colleagues work above the trains, for example on the power connections. The railyard is roughly equivalent in size to 20 football pitches.

These drone camera images show that the rails and switches have been installed, and the overhead power lines are complete. The service paths next to the rails are under construction, and the path furnishings are being installed. The new railyard will be connected to the national rail network by moving a large number of switches to the railyard entrance in the spring of 2023. NS will be able to use the facility by June. The new railyard will be used to park NS trains and international trains, like the Nightjet and the IC Berlin.

Drone video of Railyard Amsterdam Westhaven