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Damaged OV-chipkaart

If your OV-chipkaart is damaged and no longer works properly, you can request a replacement card if you have an NS season ticket, or you can purchase a new card. If you have an NS-Business Card, please inform the NS contact person at your company.

OV-chipkaart damaged or defective?

If your card does not work, check first whether the card is actually damaged, as there may be other reasons why it does not work as intended.

  • Perhaps you have a negative balance? If that is the case, you cannot check in or travel using a season ticket. Please top up your balance to at least € 20, and you can travel as normal.
  • Did you forget to check out? Your card will be blocked if you forget to check out 12 times. To un-block your chipkaart, ask the service desk for the company with which you last checked in.
  • If you cannot top up your card automatically, then your balance may be blocked temporarily because the direct debit has not been collected or because you owe more than € 60.

Check at a service desk

If none of the above apply to your card, go to the service desk of a public transportation company near you and ask them to check what the problem is. The service desk staff will know how best to help you. If you would like to travel in the near future, you can request a new personal OV-chipkaart or purchase a new anonymous OV-chipkaart. Any balance remaining on your old card will be refunded to your account.

Defective or damaged NS-Business Card?

Is your NS-Business Card defective or damaged? In that case there are two ways in which you can request a new card:

  • If you are not authorised to order NS-Business Cards in your Mijn NS Zakelijk account: notify the contact person for NS-Business Cards at your organisation. They can order a new card for you.
  • If you are in fact authorised to order NS-Business Cards in your Mijn NS Zakelijk account: log in to your Mijn NS Zakelijk account and use it to request a new NS-Business Card.
  • You will receive the card at the address indicated within 14 days. It is not possible to request a temporary ticket to use while you wait for delivery.

Travelling with a temporary ticket

While you are waiting for a new OV-chipkaart, you can download a variant of your season ticket to a personal or anonymous card. This is called a 'temporary ticket'.