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Forgot your OV-chipkaart?

If you forget to bring your OV-chipkaart with you for your journey and you have a season ticket, you may be eligible to request a refund.

Forgotten to bring your OV-chipkaart with or without a season ticket?

If you forget your OV-chipkaart with or without a season ticket, then you must use your debit card, another OV-chipkaart or purchase a single-use chipkaart That way, you can still travel with a valid ticket, and you don't run the risk of receiving a fine.

Door-to-door services without an OV-chipkaart

If you forget your OV-chipkaart or NS-Business Card, then unfortunately you cannot utilise the door-to-door services, such as bicycle storage or OV-fiets rental.

Refunds when you forget your season ticket

Most season tickets allow you to {a}claim{/a} the cost of your train journey within one month after the day you travelled, and for up to three days per year. We will evaluate your claim, and if it is justified we will refund your costs.

Traject Vrij season ticket

You can declare your travel expenses up to a maximum of 3 times per year. If you travel along the route that you normally travel for free, then you can receive a full refund for the amount you pay. If you travel along a different route, you can receive a refund for the discount that you would normally receive as a Jaartraject season ticket holder. Traject Vrij season ticket holders would not receive a refund in that case.