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Temporary ticket and declaration

If you are waiting for a replacement OV-chipkaart with an annual season ticket, you can usually travel with a temporary version of your season ticket for 12 days. Depending on which season ticket you have, you may be able to request a refund for the costs incurred during this period.

Temporary ticket

While you are waiting for a new OV-chipkaart, you can download a temporary version of your season ticket onto your personal or anonymous chipkaart. This is called a 'temporary ticket'. This option is not possible for monthly versions of season tickets. If you download a temporary ticket to an anonymous OV-chipkaart, then it is only valid on NS routes.

Temporary tickets with NS Flex

There are no temporary tickets with an NS Flex season ticket. Read this page to find out how you can travel while you are waiting for your OV-chipkaart.

Temporary tickets with a Traject Vrij season ticket

If you have a Traject Vrij season ticket on a personal OV-chipkaart, then the temporary ticket is only valid on your chosen route. If you would like to travel on a different route, then you can purchase an e-ticket or a single-use chipkaart.

Ordering a temporary ticket

You can order a temporary ticket from NS Customer Service. After you order, you can collect the card at an NS Ticket Machine or OV-chipkaart service desk. See the address finder for a collection point near you.

Temporary ticket terms and conditions

  • The terms and conditions for your season ticket also apply to the temporary ticket.
  • To use the ticket, simply check in and out as usual, except if you are using a Grensabonnement.
  • You cannot use a temporary ticket with other public transport companies when it is loaded onto an anonymous OV-chipkaart.
  • You may not sell your temporary ticket to another person or allow another person to use it to travel.
  • A temporary ticket is valid for 12 days for the owner of the season ticket. The validation period begins as soon as the product is available at the Ticket Machine.
  • You may only request a refund for delays if your temporary ticket has been downloaded to a personal OV-chipkaart.
  • You may only request a temporary ticket if you already have an annual season ticket.

If your card is defective or damaged, please have it checked at the NS Service Desk.

The service desk assistant will be able to tell you how you can travel again. You can declare the costs of the NS tickets that you purchase while waiting for your replacement card.

Declaring travel costs while waiting for a replacement card

Declaring travel costs

For almost all season tickets, you can declare the costs of traveling with a temporary ticket starting from 3 working days after you have requested a replacement card. For the Voordeeluren season ticket, you can begin declaring travel costs after 10 working days. This option does not apply to a defective anonymous OV-chipkaart.