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Easily changing class with your NS-Business Card

Sometimes it is useful to be able to change class for a day, or for a longer period of time. You can arrange this using Mijn NS Zakelijk or an NS ticket machine. You can only (temporarily) change from 2nd to 1st class if you have a 2nd class NS-Business Card. If you wish to change a 1st class NS-Business Card to 2nd class, you will have to change your season ticket.

Changing travel class via Mijn NS Zakelijk 

  • You can choose from three options: an indefinite class change, a class change for today, or a class change for a specific date/time.
  • Requests can be made 24 hours a day using Mijn NS Zakelijk
  • You receive an email confirming your class change
  • In Mijn NS Zakelijk, you can see whether a class change is active
  • You can conduct this class change before you check in, but also up to 15 minutes after you check in.
  • You cannot cancel your class change using an NS ticket machine
  • The change is only valid in NS trains

Changing travel class via the NS app

  • You can conduct this class change before you check in, but also up to 15 minutes after you check in.
  • The class change is only valid aboard NS trains.
  • You can change from one travel class to another several times per day.
  • You can also cancel the class change via the NS app.
  • Keep in mind that the class change is not displayed on the post, gate, or ticket machine. The conductor also cannot see the class change, because you do not download it from the ticket machine. Read more about it at the bottom of this page.

Changing travel class via the NS Ticket Machine 

  • Arrange the change before checking in
  • The change is valid until 04.00 the following morning
  • You can implement and reverse the change multiple times per day
  • You cannot cancel the change using Mijn NS Zakelijk
  • The change is only valid for NS trains. Do you have a Trein Vrij or OV Vrij season ticket? Then the change is also valid for other carriers that offer a first class service
  • Hold your card in front of the card reader and follow the instructions on the screen of the NS ticket machine. Don't forget to check in!

Changing from 1st class to 2nd class (online) 

Do you have an NS-Business Card for 1st class and would you like to change it to 2nd class? In this case, it is not possible to carry out a temporary class change. However, you can change over to a 2nd class season ticket. With Mijn NS Zakelijk you can implement a change to your season ticket and pick it up at an NS ticket machine. You can arrange this under the card details for the card in question.

Class change purchased online is not immediately visible on chipkaart

The class change requested online is not visible on the card itself because it does not have to be picked up at a ticket machine. As a result, the pole, the gate or the ticket machine will not show the changed class. Neither will the conductor be able to see the class change, and he or she will therefore just make a note which will be compared with the class change later. Based on this comparison, the correct supplement will be charged. So you can just sit in your chosen class. The supplement will be charged en will be displayed in the travel overview and on the invoices in Mijn NS Zakelijk . If a class change to 1st class is active, you will also be able to see how long it will remain active for.