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Consumer Rates 2018

View the consumer rates for 2017. You can also find the rates in the NS Travel Planner

As of 1 January 2018, NS will be changing the rates for several one-way, return, day and season tickets. The rates are being increased due to expected inflation and changes to the fees that NS pays to ProRail for use of the railways. In 2018, these fees are dropping. This drop is being accounted for in the price changes. As a result, the changes to the rates will be lower than the expected inflation.

The most important changes

  • Prices for 2nd class One-way tickets and Day return tickets with an OV Chipkaart, NS Business Card, Single-use chipkaart or E-ticket will rise by an average of 1.22%. The 1st class variants of these tickets will remain the same on average. This is being done in order to make 1st class more attractive when compared to 2nd class.
  • The price of a bicycle day ticket will also increase by 1.22%.

Season tickets:

if you have an NS season ticket, then the price increase will go into effect when you purchase or renew your season ticket. 

  • Prices for Traject Vrij, Altijd Vrij, and the Grensabonnement will be raised by an average of 1.22%.
  • The price of the Voordeelurenabonnement will also increase by 1.22%.
  • Weekend Vrij 2nd class, Altijd Voordeel and Dal Vrij 2nd class will increase in price by 1, 2 and 3 Euros per month respectively. The 1st class variants of these season tickets will remain the same price.
  • Dal Voordeel will not increase in price in 2018 and Kids Vrij will remain free.

The prices of the following products will also remain the same:

  • Railrunner
  • Supplement 2-1
  • Supplement IC direct and ICE
  • Holland Travel Ticket off-peak


Why is NS increasing the rates for rail transport by an average of 1.22%?

This percentage is based on the expected rate of inflation in 2018. In addition, in 2018 NS will pay less compensation to ProRail for the use of the railway network. This reduction has also been calculated into the rate increase, so the final increase will be lower than the rate of inflation. Rounding tickets off to the nearest € 0.10 may result in certain tickets costing more or less than expected.

Other rail carriers

Arriva, Breng, Connexxion and Syntus all follow their own pricing policies. Please see the individual carriers' websites for the rates for their routes.