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Refunds for a forgotten OV-chipkaart

Do you usually travel on an NS season ticket but you've forgotten your OV-chipkaart? Or did you travel with your debit card instead of your OV-chipkaart? There's no need to worry. First, ensure that you have a valid ticket for your train journey. You can request a refund for the cost of your journey with NS afterwards.

Requesting a refund

If you usually travel on a season ticket, then you'll double your costs if you have to purchase a replacement ticket or travel with your debit card. Fortunately, you can request a refund for any costs incurred that should have been covered by your season ticket. You can request a refund up to one month after the date of travel, with a maximum of three refund requests per year.

Replacement ticket

If you left your OV-chipkaart with season ticket at home by mistake, then you will need to travel on a replacement ticket:

This way, you'll always be travelling with a valid ticket and will avoid a fine. As mentioned above, you can request a refund for all travel costs that come under your season ticket.

Door-to-door services 

If you forget your OV-chipkaart or NS-Business Card, then unfortunately you cannot utilise the door-to-door services, such as bicycle storage or OV-fiets rental.


We will inform you about whether your request has been approved and the amount of the refund as quickly as possible. This amount will automatically be credited to the bank account number provided. Refund requests usually take around 3 to 4 weeks to process.