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Travelling during public holidays

On holidays, you can travel all day with your season ticket discount. See which discounts apply during Christmas and other public holidays.

Travelling during public holidays and the common holiday periods

  • Which holidays does NS recognise?

    Public holidays in 2024

    • New Year's Day: 1 January
    • Good Friday: 29 March
    • Easter Sunday: 31 March
    • Easter Monday: 1 April
    • King's Day: 27 April
    • Ascension Day: 9 May
    • Whit Sunday: 19 May
    • Whit Monday: 20 May
    • Christmas Day: 25 December
    • Boxing Day: 26 December

    Public holidays in 2025

    • New Year's Day: January 1
    • Good Friday: April 18
    • Easter Monday: April 20
    • Easter Monday: April 21
    • King's Day: April 26
    • Liberation Day: May 5
    • Ascension Day: May 29
    • Whit Monday: June 8
    • Whit Monday: June 9
    • Christmas Day: December 25
    • Boxing Day: December 26


    • Liberation Day is celebrated every five years (2020, 2025, 2030, etc.). That means Liberation Day is not an official holiday in 2024. It also means that you cannot travel with a discount all day on Liberation Day, unless you have a season ticket that allows you to travel with a discount during the weekend (Liberation Day falls on a Sunday in 2024).
    • If April 27 falls on a Sunday, King's Day is celebrated on Saturday. This means that King's Day in 2025 will be celebrated on Saturday, April 26.
  • Travelling on a Weekend Vrij season ticket?

    Then you can also travel for free all day during national holidays, even when they are on weekdays.

  • Do you travel with a Dal Vrij, Traject Vrij, Altijd Voordeel, Dal Voordeel, Weekend Voordeel, Weekend Vrij or Samenreiskorting?

    The normal peak and off-peak hours apply:

    • on Friday after Ascension Day (18 May 2023 and 10 May 2024)
    • in the summer months of July and August
    • between Christmas and New Year
  • Travelling on Keuzedagen during national holidays?

    Do you have a season ticket with Keuzedagen, and does the national holiday fall on a weekday? If so, your Keuzedagen [Optional days] will be valid for the whole day. 

  • Are you travelling with a student travel product?

    Different rules apply to students with a student travel product on their OV-chipkaart than to other NS season ticket holders.

    Week season ticket

    During national holidays, students with a week season ticket travel on balance with a discount from 4.00 to 4.00 the next day. Students also travel for free on Good Friday.

    Weekend season ticket

    Students with a weekend season ticket travel for free on holidays from 04:00 to 04:00 the following morning and on the Thursday before Good Friday, the day before Liberation Day, the day before King's Day, and the Wednesday before Ascension Day, starting from 12:00.

    For more information, see the Student Travel Product calendar

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Check the Travel Planner shortly before departure

Check the Travel Planner or NS app shortly before departure for the latest travel information.