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Purchase a train ticket online

Do you make the occasional journey by train, and buy a ticket from the ticket machine or service desk? You could be doing this faster and cheaper! Purchasing your train ticket online or through the NS app is very easy: just order your ticket and load it directly into the NS app. It is not necessary to print the ticket.

What are the benefits?

  • There is no €1 surcharge for your train ticket;
  • You can travel without an OV-chipkaart;
  • You can travel immediately!

What are e-tickets?

E-tickets are train tickets that you can either load into the NS app or print out to take along with you. If you have an e-ticket, you do not need to check in. You can use the e-ticket to open the gates and show the train ticket to the conductor.

What do you need?

  • A smartphone with Android of Apple iOS;
  • The NS app. Download the app via the App Store or Google Play Store. If you cannot see 'My Tickets' in the menu, please download the latest version of the app.

The NS App terms and conditions apply to the use of the NS app.

How does it work?

  1. Purchase your ticket online and use iDEAL or credit card to pay for your order;
  2. You will then be taken to the My tickets page. Click the Load into the NS app button. The e-ticket will be loaded into the NS app.

Did you place your order on a computer? You always receive an e-mail confirmation from us. Open the link in the e-mail on your telephone, and follow the instructions above. The e-mail also contains a link that you can use for printing out the e-tickets whenever you want.

Want an even easier way to buy an e-ticket? Purchase it directly in the NS app.

Travelling with your e-ticket

If you have an e-ticket, you do not need to check in. Are you travelling to or from a station with closed access gates? You can easily use your e-ticket to open the gates. Keep the e-ticket until you reach the exit at your destination station - you may also need it to open the gates there.

Step 1: Go to a gate and open your e-ticket in the NS app, or use a printed version of the e-ticket.
Step 2: Hold the square code on the e-ticket against the illuminated surface to your right.
Step 3: The gate will open, and you can enter or leave the station.
Please note! Only show your e-ticket either in the NS app or printed out. This is the only way the gates will open.

Using an e-ticket on routes with a supplement

Will you be travelling on an Intercity or ICE train for which a supplement is required? You can purchase this supplement online, at the ticket machine or service desk, or by using your OV-chipkaart at the Supplement Pole on the departure platform. You need both the supplement and your e-ticket to travel.

More information

  • You are responsible for showing a valid ticket when you travel. So always make sure that your smartphone is fully charged before you board the train. If you choose to print out the e-ticket, do so on A4-sized paper;
  • E-tickets are personal. They are therefore only valid in combination with valid identification. Remember to bring your passport, driver's licence or ID card when travelling.
  • Children from 4 to 11 years of age, who are travelling with a Railrunner, do not have to show valid proof of identity. However, their name and travel date must be included on the e-ticket.
  • There are two ways to travel with an e-ticket: load it into the NS app on a mobile telephone, or print it out on a computer. Please note: E-tickets are only valid if you show them in the NS app or have a printed copy. Screenshots of PDFs displayed on a telephone are not valid tickets.
  • You are entitled to a Refund for delays when you use an e-ticket;
  • The Conditions for travelling with an e-ticket apply to travel with an e-ticket.

FAQ about e-tickets

  • I have entered incorrect information for my e-ticket, what can I do?

    You can still change the details any time until you have completed your order. Once you have completed your order, you cannot change them any more.

  • What proof of identity does NS accept?

    As proof of identity, NS accepts your:

    • Passport;
    • Dutch ID card;
    • ID card or passport from an EEA country;
    • Dutch foreigners' document.

    These ID requirements apply to anyone aged 14 and over.

  • I have not had any e-mail confirmation of my e-ticket?

    On the Confirm order screen for your e-ticket, you will also see the link to your e-ticket. You can download your e-ticket directly via this link and print it. You will also receive a confirmation by e-mail, with a link to your e-ticket. This e-mail is for your own records.

    It may be that your e-mail software thinks this e-mail confirmation is spam or unwanted mail. You may also have reached your mailbox capacity. Check your settings.

    If you are using a work e-mail address, it may be that your employer's firewall is blocking the e-mail confirmation. Contact your system administrator or contact our Customer Service. Our staff will then send the e-mail to another address you give us.

    If your e-mail software is working OK, check your records to see if the amount has been debited. If it has not, that means your order has not gone through.

    If the amount has been debited, contact us. Make sure you have as many details of your e-ticket and payment with you to hand.