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How was your journey?

We value our travellers' feedback. Every day, we do our utmost to ensure that 1 million train journeys run as smoothly as possible. Via the NS app, you can provide direct feedback about your experience travelling with NS, which will help us to improve our performance every day.

Feedback in the NS app

The NS app enables you to provide feedback about your experience travelling with NS, whether it was positive or negative. We use this functionality to test how your feedback can help us improve our services every day. For example, if you report that the train needs cleaning, your feedback will be sent directly to the department responsible. They will then see when and where a cleaner can get to work based on your feedback.

How does the 'How was your journey?' functionality work?

  1. Open the NS app.
  2. Select 'More' at the bottom right.
  3. Then select 'How was your journey?' at the bottom of the menu.
  4. Rate your experience travelling with NS on a scale of 1-10, and provide feedback on a specific topic, such as personnel, cleanliness, station or seat.

If you would like to use the 'How was your journey?' function more often, you can add it to the Travel Planner as a widget for quick and easy access:

  1. Open the NS app and select 'Travel Planner'.
  2. Click on 'Add widget' at the bottom of the page, then select 'Give feedback'.
  3. From now on, you can find the 'Give feedback' button at the bottom of the Travel Planner page, so you'll be able to open the 'How was your journey?' page at the click of a button.

What happens to my reports?

Your feedback is extremely important to us, because the more serious feedback we receive, the more we can improve our services. What we do with your feedback depends on the topic, so we can act as quickly as possible when necessary. For example, when you report that a train isn't clean, the notification is sent directly to the relevant department. 

We take issues that don't have such simple solutions seriously as well. For example, you can find more information about how NS deals with overcrowded trains here:


Processing feedback and communicating quickly with all of the responsible departments is quite a job. So to help, we will be gradually expanding the available feedback options. The feedback we receive about the topics 'Cleanliness' and 'Travel Information' are sent directly to the relevant department, so they can respond to the feedback as quickly as possible. These two topics also offer the option of receiving a reply about the actions NS has taken in response to the feedback provided.

We are also working with other NS departments to investigate how traveller feedback can help us improve our services every day. By starting small, we can learn on the job and gradually grow to the point where giving and receiving feedback is as natural as using the app to plan your journey.