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Information availability during disruptions

At stations, information about disruptions is provided via digital travel information screens and announcements over the public address system. You are provided with the latest information about the route, the cause and the consequences of the disruption. In addition, you are provided with an estimate of the duration of the disruption, and any relevant detour advice. This way, you know what is going on, and are aware of your alternatives.

Up-to-date travel information

Has something changed, as a result of measures implemented by NS for example? During the disruption, you receive the most recent information via the travel information screens. You can also request your personal travel information at any time using the Reisplanner Xtra travel planning app.

Travel information screens

During a disruption, a yellow bar appears at the bottom of the travel information screen, on which the latest information about the disruption is displayed. The information is displayed and announced in Dutch. In case of changes to timetables, as a result of winter weather forecasts or events like King's Day, information is also available in English. The same applies for strikes abroad which affect international trains.

Would you like to see what has changed?
Watch the film about extensive disruption information.