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Amsterdam Zuid

Amsterdam Zuid will form the hub of an improved travel network around Zuidas and Amsterdam. For this reason, we are upgrading the station to a compact public transport terminal which will bring all forms of transport together.

Amsterdam Zuid station is the fastest growing station in the Netherlands. With the opening of the Noord-Zuidlijn in 2018 and the growth in train traffic on the route between Schiphol, Amsterdam, Almere and Lelystad, the station is expecting 250,000 passengers per day.

What will be changed at the station

Since the A10 Zuid is being moved underground, additional space will become available on the surface. This space will be used to expand the station. Next to the station, there will be bus and tram stops, bicycle storage, a taxi rank and K&R. This way, making your transfer will be quick and convenient. In addition, the station is getting a modern and light appearance, which better suits Zuidas. The platforms will be widened and new roofs will be installed.

In order to accommodate passengers comfortably, two new passageways are being constructed. The current Minerva passageway will be renovated, expanded to nearly 40 metres (1.5 times the size of Rotterdam station) with shops and facilities on both sides. The Britten passageway will be reconstructed, and is approximately 15 metres wide, with shops on one side. The metro stations are currently still on the east side of the Minerva passageway, but will later be positioned between the two passageways. The platforms will be accessible from both passageways in order to evenly distribute passengers throughout the station.

Getting to work in 2019

The preparations for the construction work are in full swing. The coming period of time will be dedicated to the further elaboration of the design and hammering out the details of the approach and planning. In 2019, the construction phase will begin. By 2028, the project Zuidasdok has to be finished. The station and its two new passageways will be ready in mid-2025.

Short-term measures

In the short-term, transfers at this station represent a bottleneck. The number of passengers is growing annually, and the space on the platforms and in the tunnels is limited. NS implements good crowd control measures, in order to properly distribute passengers over the platforms. ProRail is working on moving the platform barriers and decreasing the size of the stairwells, in order to free up space on the platforms.

Part of the Zuidasdok

The renovation of Amsterdam Zuid station is part of the project Zuidasdok. This is the largest infrastructure project in the Netherlands, and does not just involve work on public transport, but also roads, public spaces and bicycle parking. An important push towards the improvement of the accessibility and quality of life of the Zuidas.


The contract for the design and realisation of Zuidasdok has been awarded to Zuidplus, a collaborative group including Fluor, Heijmans and Hochtief. ProRail, Rijkswaterstaat and the Municipality of Amsterdam will be carrying out the work together. The project is being financed by the national government, the Municipality of Amsterdam, the Vervoerregio Amsterdam and the Province of North Holland, with a contribution from NS.